Breitenfeld v. School District of Clayton, et al


03/05/12 – 03/07/12


In this Education law proceeding, plaintiff Gina Breitenfeld and State of Missouri alleged St. Louis Public School for not paying and Clayton County for not accepting the fees in accordance with section 167.131, “a school district that loses accreditation with the state board of education must pay tuition for any resident pupil who attends an accredited school in another district in the same or an adjoining county.” The plaintiff’s counsels claimed that SLPS became unaccredited in 2007, and thereafter it was operated by the special administrative board of the transitional school district.

Plaintiff Gina Breitenfeld was represented by attorneys Elkin Kistner and Sean Elam .Plaintiff State of Missouri was represented by attorneys Christopher Quinn, Thomas Smith and James Layton. The defense in this case comprised of Clayton School District and St. Louis Public School. Clayton School District was represented by attorney Mark Bremer. St. Louis Public School was represented by attorneys Richard Walsh and Evan Reid.


Verdict for the Defense; Rule 167.131RSMo(2000) is both unconstitutional and unenforceable.



Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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