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CVN's best value: unlimited post-verdict access to over 1,000 trials from our library, with more added every month.

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Curated content from our video library including Highlight Reels, Clip Libraries and Trials in Twenty Minutes.


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CVN Video Library

CVN’s video library delivers a front-row seat to the tactics that have won more than 1,000 trials across the country.

You’ll have on-demand, gavel-to-gavel video of the sweep of civil litigation argued by the country’s best attorneys: from fender bender cases to the largest products liability trials.

And with our easy-to-use search engine and innovative evidence feed, you can quickly find the courtroom moments you’re looking for, whether it’s a cross-exam of the expert you’re facing in your next trial, or a document that keyed a plaintiff’s case. Our full library is an unrivaled tool for trial insight and preparation.

Note: for live coverage of ongoing trials, click here for more details.

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CVN Essentials

CVN Essentials is our most cost and time-efficient tool for trial prep.

Our legal editors curate the most critical moments from more than 30,000 hours of courtroom video, and bolster it with expert analysis and attorney interviews explaining their trial-winning techniques.

With more than 250 clips and hours of video broken down into practice area and trial stage, it’s a deep playbook of winning trial techniques used by the nation’s top attorneys.

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Included Content

Free AccountEssentialsVideo Library
Featured Trial Video
Curated Content
Highlight Reels
Trials in Twenty Minutes
Expert Legal Commentary and Analysis
Training Library
Full Proceeding Video
11,000+ Witnesses
4,000+ Attorneys
Fully Indexed, Searchable Trials
Evidence Slides (When Available)
Periodic Access to Live Trials

How Subscribers Use CVN

See the most important civil trials

Get an unprecedented view inside the courtroom for the most important trials from around the country. With gavel-to-gavel video and evidence coverage, you have the complete picture.

Watch the best in action

Keep abreast of the biggest names and rising stars in your area of practice, by seeing their work where it matters most, in front of the jury.

Prepare for trial

Gain insight from the country's best attorneys, with interviews breaking down their approach in the courtroom. Watch experts, judges, and opposing counsel in actual trial settings.

Frequent Questions

How many trials are in your library?

There are more than 1,000 trials in our Video Library, with more added every month. Typically we add between five and ten new trials each month. You can find a list of all trials here or use the search box in the upper right hand corner to search by trial name, attorney, judge, and more.

How do you find your trials?

CVN's Editorial team finds the majority of our trials leveraging a variety of sources, including dockets and news articles. We also receive many tips from our Suggest A Case page, and we poll our subscribers to find out what they want to see.

Does your coverage include evidence slides?

Yes. Unless otherwise stated, all of our trials are fully indexed with evidence slides so that you see exactly what was presented at trial.

Do I get access to Essentials with The Video Library?

Yes! All Video Library subscribers have access to our Essentials curated content.

Do I have access to live trials with the Video Library?

Video Library memberships do not include access to live trials. We will periodically offer certain live trials to our members depending on interest.

Does my membership auto-renew?

Yes, memberships automatically renew unless cancelled. You can cancel your membership at any time on the Account page.

Do you cover criminal trials?

CVN focuses on civil litigation.

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