Schwan v. State


Oral Argument
03/13/13 – 03/13/13

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In this oral argument before the Delaware Supreme Court, the attorney representing Steven Schwan sought reversal of Mr. Schwan's conviction and sentence. Mr. Schwan was convicted by the jury of unlawful sexual contact second degree, and by the trial judge of unlawful sexual conduct by a sex offender against a child. The issue on appeal was whether the Superior Court abuse its discretion by not replacing with an alternate juror who had inaccurately responded to the court's voir dire intended to identify potential juror bias about whether she knew a prosecutor in the Department of Justice.


Steven Schwan  was  denied  his  Sixth  Amendment  right to  a  fair trial  by  an impartial jury.  The judgments  of the Superior Court  were  reversed  and this matter was remanded for a new trial.   


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