Parker v. State


Oral Argument
11/06/13 – 11/06/13


In this oral argument before the Delaware Supreme Court, the attorney representing Tiffany Parker sought to have his client's conviction reversed on appeal, claiming the lower court erred when it admitted, over objection, social-networking evidence without proper authentication. On December 2, 2011, a physical altercation broke out between complainant, Sheniya Brown, and Ms. Parker over prior Facebook emails that had been sent concerning a mutual love interest. Prior to trial, the State sought to introduce Facebook entries that Ms. Parker allegedly authored after the incident at issue to demonstrate her role in the altercation and in an effort to disprove her self-defense argument. Ms. Parker was indicted on one count of assault second degree and one count terroristic threatening. After jury trial, Ms. Parker was acquitted of terroristic threatening and found guilty on the charge of assault second degree.


The judgment of the Superior Court was affirmed.


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