Naughty Monkey v. Marinemax


08/03/10 – 08/03/10

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In this marine industry commercial litigation bench trial proceeding, plaintiff Michael stock, who formed Naughty Monkey LLC to purchase a multi-million dollar recreational boat alleged the boat manufacturer Marinemax only provided trade in options that were significantly more expensive than the appraised value of his original boat, while his arrangement with boat defendant allowed him to trade his boat for any other boat built by Marinemax within 18 months with a trade in value of 85%. The plaintiff also alleged that more suitable vessels exist, and that the purchase agreement does not restrict him in choosing a replacement boat.

The plaintiff was represented by attorney Mark London. The defendant in this case Marinemax Northeast LLC was represented by attorney Matthew Schoor.


The court awarded Naughty Monkey LLC specific performance of the July 31 Agreement, and ordered MarineMax to accept the Naughty Monkey,if offered, and grant a credit of $1,636,250 towards the purchase of its merchandise. The court also denied all of the LLCÂ’s other claims. Each party had to bear their own costs.


Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in parts only. Available recordings do not represent the full proceeding.

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