Jackson Street Town Homes v. CMA of Milwaukee


10/05/10 – 10/14/10


In this construction negligence and insurance coverage litigation proceeding, plaintiff Jackson Street Town Homes alleged CMA of Milwaukee Inc of negligence in building a four-condo unit for which it was hired, due to which a fire broke down in the building and the building had to be gutted due to it. The plaintiff also alleged its insurance Company, Zurich American Insurance Company of not reimbursing its total incurred loss.

The plaintiff was represented by attorney Sean Lanphier. The defense in this case comprised of CMA of Milwaukee and Zurich American Insurance Company. CMA of Milwaukee was represented by attorney Mark Nelson. Zurich American Insurance Company was represented by attorney Ned Czajkowski.


CMA breech of contract damages for Jackson Street Town Homes:
a. Insurance deductible: 1,000
b. Movable Property: 8,000
c. Utilities: 3,652.83
d. Real Estate Taxes: 19,361.91
e. Interest Expense
1. 05/01/07 to date of certificate of occupancy: 21,124
2. Due at inability to pay: 0
f. Bank Loan Fees: 7,628.94
g. Commercial Insurance: 0
h. Property Maintenance: 3,625
i. Office Expenses: 850
j. Accounting Fees: 7,000
k. Development Fees: 00
Reduction in Prices
l. Unit 101: 1,250.60
m. Unit 102: 9,250.60
n. Unit 201: 19,998.04
o. Unit 202: 24,700
p. Time Value of Money: 0
q. Payments to Subcontractors: 25,520.09


Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full except noted sections that were not recorded.

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