ITC Hearing 4/21/09


04/21/09 – 04/21/09

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The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has launched an investigation into the effects of tariff and nontariff measures on U.S. agricultural exports to India.

The investigation, India: Effects of Tariff and Nontariff Measures on U.S. Agricultural Exports, was requested by the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance.

In its letter requesting the investigation, received on January 13, 2009, the Committee stated: "U.S. agriculture depends on reliable access to global markets. Strong economic growth in developing countries like India presents opportunities for U.S. agricultural exports.... While U.S. exporters can provide individual examples of trade measures that prevent their sales to India, the extent to which trade and investment measures account for the disproportionately low U.S. share of India's agricultural imports remains largely undocumented."


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00:00:13General Case Activities
00:01:55General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
00:09:06General Case ActivitiesGore , James
00:19:48General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
00:25:08General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
00:30:51General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
00:36:55General Case ActivitiesZion, Jim
00:42:16General Case ActivitiesBlackwell, Brian
00:47:55General Case Activities
00:48:43General Case Activities
00:49:07General Case Activities
00:51:25General Case Activities
00:51:53General Case ActivitiesGore , James
00:55:53General Case Activities
00:56:13General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
00:58:25General Case ActivitiesBlackwell, Brian
00:59:18General Case Activities
01:00:10General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
01:04:24General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
01:05:40General Case Activities
01:05:53General Case ActivitiesBlackwell, Brian
01:06:55General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
01:06:55General Case Activities
01:10:02General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
01:13:59General Case Activities
01:13:59General Case Activities
01:14:43General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
01:14:51General Case ActivitiesBlackwell, Brian
01:15:44General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
01:16:24General Case Activities
01:16:53General Case ActivitiesGore , James
01:19:30General Case Activities
01:20:02General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
01:22:43General Case ActivitiesGore , James
01:24:21General Case Activities
01:24:33General Case ActivitiesGore , James
01:28:58General Case Activities
01:29:24General Case ActivitiesGore , James
01:30:56General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
01:32:11General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
01:32:55General Case Activities
01:33:11General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
01:34:13General Case Activities
01:34:32General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
01:36:12General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
01:37:09General Case ActivitiesZion, Jim
01:38:08General Case Activities
01:38:47General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
01:40:18General Case Activities
01:41:02General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
01:42:22General Case ActivitiesGore , James
01:45:22General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
01:45:56General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
01:46:54General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
01:47:17General Case ActivitiesZion, Jim
01:48:06General Case Activities
01:48:39General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
01:49:29General Case ActivitiesGore , James
01:50:53General Case Activities
01:51:03General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
02:01:30General Case Activities
02:01:59General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
02:03:11General Case Activities
02:04:08General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
02:05:42General Case Activities
02:06:43General Case Activities
02:07:04General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:10:18General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
02:10:42General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:11:45General Case Activities
02:12:10General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
02:12:36General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
02:12:57General Case ActivitiesZion, Jim
02:13:59General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:14:56General Case Activities
02:14:59General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
02:15:34General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:16:18General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
02:17:05General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:19:01General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
02:19:48General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:21:11General Case Activities
02:21:24General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:22:45General Case Activities
02:23:19General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:26:06General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
02:27:57General Case ActivitiesBlackwell, Brian
02:28:34General Case Activities
02:28:51General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
02:30:00General Case Activities
02:30:22General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
02:30:38General Case ActivitiesZion, Jim
02:31:09General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:31:41General Case Activities
02:32:02General Case ActivitiesZion, Jim
02:33:01General Case Activities
02:33:33General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:35:24General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
02:35:40General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:37:37General Case Activities
02:38:08General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
02:40:00General Case Activities
02:40:12General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:41:46General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
02:41:55General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
02:42:23General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:43:36General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
02:44:44General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:44:48General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
02:45:37General Case Activities
02:46:06General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:47:51General Case Activities
02:48:00General Case ActivitiesHeron, Julian
02:48:18General Case Activities
02:48:20General Case Activities
02:49:56General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:53:45General Case Activities
02:54:01General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:55:20General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:56:25General Case Activities
02:56:40General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
02:57:16General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:58:14General Case Activities
02:58:37General Case ActivitiesGore , James
02:59:14General Case Activities
02:59:44General Case ActivitiesTormey, Bryan
03:00:24General Case Activities
03:01:32General Case ActivitiesMasten , Mark
03:02:10General Case Activities
03:02:22General Case ActivitiesAdams, Gary
03:03:03General Case Activities
03:03:50General Case Activities
03:04:32End of Session

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