Hamilton v. State


Oral Argument
10/09/13 – 10/09/13

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On May 22, 2012, the jury trial of Parris Hamilton in Superior Court began. On June 8, 2012, a jury found Mr. Hamilton guilty of two counts of Murder First Degree, two counts of Attempted Murder First Degree, two counts of Kidnapping First Degree, Burglary First Degree, and seven counts of Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony. In this oral argument before the Delaware Supreme Court, the attorney representing Mr. Hamilton sought to overturn all counts of conviction except for two counts of Kidnapping First Degree. The defense counsel contended that the State’s expert witness’ testimony that intoxication prevented the defense of emotional distress was a misstatement of law and should not have been admitted for the jury’s consideration, requiring reversal.


The judgment of the Superior Court was affirmed.


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