Firestone Tire Cases


03/05/10 – 03/18/10


This trial is part of the statewide coordinated judicial proceeding involving Firestone tire tread separation and Ford Explorer rollover related litigation currently centralized in Los Angeles.

Plaintiffs are the family members of 11-year-old William Moreno, who died of massive head trauma when the Ford Explorer he and his family were riding in overturned in 2006. They claim the accident was caused by a tire recently installed by American Tire Depot that was subject to recall due to existing tread separation concerns.

The jury found for the plaintiffs and awarded damages of over $18M.

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Roger Braugh delivers plaintiff's opening statement -- Clip 1
William DelHagen delivers defense's opening statement -- Clip 2


Fault: 85%- ATD Inc, 15%-Bridgestone/Firestone, 0%- Ford Motor Company, 0%- Ramon Moreno Jr.,
Past Economic Loss: 26,591.68- Ramon Sr., 5,379.08- Ramon Jr., 16,045- Adriana, 4,000,000- Maria
Past Non-Economic Loss: 3,000,000- Ramon Sr., 2,000,000- Ramon Jr., 500,000- Adriana, 5,000,000- Maria
Future Non-Economic Loss: 2,000,000- Ramon Sr., 1,500,000- Ramon Jr., 0- Adriana, 9,000,000- Maria
Total: 5,026,591.68- Ramon Sr., 3,505,379.08- Ramon Jr., 516,045- Adriana, 18,000,000- Maria


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Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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