Essex, et al. v. Kobach et al.


05/29/12 – 05/30/12


Robyn Essex filed to prohibit Kris Kobach from managing the 2012 elections claiming the 2002 districts were unconstitutional because of population changes shown in the 2010 census. These changes caused existing district to be uneven in population and therefore an infraction of the constitution “one person, one vote” provision.

Case Information
Kobach, Kris


AM Session
Plaintiff Witness(es)
32 Chapters
00:00:00General Case Activities
00:07:01Witness Direct ExaminationHaden, BrentCarnahan, Corey In Person
00:46:17Witness Cross ExaminationKetchum, TysonCarnahan, Corey In Person
00:50:04Witness Cross ExaminationJohnson, MarkCarnahan, Corey In Person
00:51:58General Case Activities
00:59:03Witness Cross ExaminationCrouse, TobyCarnahan, Corey In Person
01:01:58Witness Cross ExaminationFowler, KevinCarnahan, Corey In Person
01:09:02General Case Activities
01:17:33Witness Direct ExaminationSmith, StevenDavis, Paul In Person
01:20:29Witness Direct ExaminationSmith, StevenGalligan, Mary In Person
01:31:29Witness Cross ExaminationZakoura, JamesGalligan, Mary In Person
01:34:49General Case ActivitiesGalligan, Mary In Person
01:37:32General Case ActivitiesZakoura, James
01:39:08Witness Direct ExaminationZakoura, JamesDenning, Marearl In Person
01:40:44Witness Cross ExaminationSmith, StevenDenning, Marearl In Person
01:41:39Witness Re-Direct ExaminationZakoura, JamesDenning, Marearl In Person
01:42:46Witness Direct ExaminationFrieden, JohnOwens, Thomas In Person
01:55:25Witness Cross ExaminationMusil, GregoryOwens, Thomas In Person
02:00:10Witness Cross ExaminationZakoura, JamesOwens, Thomas In Person
02:04:44Witness Cross ExaminationSmith, StevenOwens, Thomas In Person
02:06:34Witness Cross ExaminationKolster, RicardoOwens, Thomas In Person
02:08:30Witness Cross ExaminationRobinson, F. JamesOwens, Thomas In Person
02:09:11Witness Cross ExaminationKobach, KrisOwens, Thomas In Person
02:11:35General Case ActivitiesOwens, Thomas In Person
02:15:12Witness Re-Direct ExaminationFrieden, JohnOwens, Thomas In Person
02:16:16Witness Direct ExaminationSchimmel, CharlesKeller, Richard In Person
02:33:17General Case ActivitiesO'Neal, Michael
02:36:48General Case ActivitiesFowler, Kevin
02:37:54Witness Direct ExaminationO'Neal, Michael In Person
02:41:49Witness Cross ExaminationRobinson, F. JamesO'Neal, Michael In Person
02:42:31Witness Cross ExaminationMusil, GregoryO'Neal, Michael In Person
02:44:12End of Session
AM Session
Plaintiff Witness(es)
28 Chapters

Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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