Crown Media Holdings v. Hallmark


09/21/10 – 09/24/10

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In this printing industry mergers and acquisition litigation, plaintiff shareholder S. Muoio & Co. LLC alleged that the recapitalization of Crown Media Holdings by its controlling stockholder and primary debt holder Hallmark Cards, Inc. and its affiliates was unfair to the minority shareholders.

The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Harvey Kurzweil, Corrine Levy, James Smith, Kevin Abrams and Matthew Davis. The defendant in this case, Hallmark Entertainment Investments Co was represented by attorneys Jon Abramczyk, Martin Tully, Dominick Gattuso, Brock Czeschin and Blake Rohrbacher.


The court found in favor of the defendants and concluded that the recapitalization was entirely fair.


Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full except noted sections that were not recorded.

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