Shelving and Racks From China


07/16/09 – 07/16/09

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Hearing on subsidies provided to manufacturers of various kitchen dish racks.

Parties involved include General Electric, Whirlpool, Maytag Corporation, Electrolux Home Products and others.


AM Session
54 Chapters
00:00:39General Case Activities
00:02:39Opening StatementRosenthal, Paul
00:07:49Opening StatementSchaefer, Alexander
00:12:27General Case ActivitiesRosenthal, Paul
00:12:59General Case ActivitiesKara, Paul In Person
00:22:17General Case ActivitiesRolands , Steven In Person
00:29:56General Case ActivitiesGritten, Mark In Person
00:41:30General Case ActivitiesCannon , Kathleen In Person
00:47:05General Case ActivitiesHughes , Brad In Person
01:06:05General Case Activities
01:06:05General Case Activities
01:06:20General Case ActivitiesRosenthal, Paul
01:06:48General Case ActivitiesLane , Cannon , Kathleen In Person
01:07:37General Case ActivitiesLane , Cannon , Kathleen In Person
01:07:51General Case Activities
01:08:15General Case ActivitiesLane , Kara, Paul In Person
01:11:32General Case ActivitiesLane , Rolands , Steven In Person
01:15:56General Case ActivitiesWilliams,
01:16:19General Case ActivitiesWilliams,
01:18:30General Case ActivitiesWilliams,
01:18:56General Case ActivitiesWilliams, Kara, Paul In Person
01:24:10General Case ActivitiesWilliams, Rolands , Steven In Person
01:26:17General Case ActivitiesWilliams, Gritten, Mark In Person
01:27:18General Case Activities
01:28:29General Case ActivitiesGritten, Mark In Person
01:37:52General Case Activities
01:38:36General Case ActivitiesKara, Paul In Person
01:44:47General Case ActivitiesGritten, Mark In Person
01:47:32General Case ActivitiesPierce,
01:48:05General Case ActivitiesPierce, Gritten, Mark In Person
01:52:54General Case ActivitiesPierce, Kara, Paul In Person
01:53:22General Case ActivitiesPierce,
01:54:03General Case ActivitiesPierce, Kara, Paul In Person
01:56:25General Case ActivitiesPierce,
02:00:09General Case ActivitiesLane ,
02:00:35General Case ActivitiesLane , Kara, Paul In Person
02:08:39General Case ActivitiesLane , Gritten, Mark In Person
02:09:04General Case ActivitiesWilliams,
02:14:04General Case ActivitiesWilliams,
02:15:11General Case ActivitiesWilliams, Hughes , Brad In Person
02:22:09General Case ActivitiesWilliams, Cannon , Kathleen In Person
02:26:13General Case ActivitiesWilliams,
02:28:40General Case Activities
02:29:53General Case Activities
02:34:10General Case Activities
02:34:27General Case Activities
02:37:09General Case Activities
02:37:19General Case Activities
02:40:10General Case ActivitiesKara, Paul In Person
02:42:47General Case ActivitiesPierce,
02:46:13General Case ActivitiesPierce, Cannon , Kathleen In Person
02:51:41General Case ActivitiesPierce,
03:00:28General Case ActivitiesPierce,
03:04:25End of Session
PM Session
120 Chapters

Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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