Barkman v. Adams


05/11/10 – 05/18/10

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The case was originally tried beginning October 26, 2009, but a mistrial was declared on the second day. The retrial began May 11, 2010.
In this automotive negligence litigation proceeding, plaintiffs Laura Barkman alleged that the SUV driven by Kara Adams made a sudden, unsafe lane change without signaling, and then the defendant abruptly applied the brakes in anticipation of a right turn, and that the defendant never saw the motorcycle. According to the plaintiff, the motorcycle immediately braked, and skidded 57 feet then clipped the right-rear corner of the SUV, ejecting the motorcycle passengers into the street. The defendant claimed that the SUV was properly in her lane, slowed for traffic, was not attempting a right turn, and did not cause or contribute to the accident. Instead, according to the defendant, the motorcycle failed to brake in time because the motorcyclist had a perception reaction time delayed by 85% compared to typical drivers.

The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Alexander Clem and Keith Mitnik. The defendant in this case Kara Adams was represented by attorneys Randy Fischer and Juliet Fleming-stage.


Laura Barkman: Total: 19,441
Economic Damages: 14,441
Past Non-Economic Damages:5,000
Future Non-Economic Damages: 0
Randal Hobbs: Total-1,335,593.19
Lost Wages: 45,779
Future Earning Capacity: 800,000
Past Medical Expenses: 92,434.21
Past Non-Economic: 15,029.50
Future Non-Economic: 382,350.48



Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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