Bankhead v. Allied Packing


11/02/10 – 01/06/11

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In this automotive industry product liability proceeding, plaintiff Gordon Bankhead and Emily Bankhead alleged Pneumo Abex of being liable of manufacturing defective brake linings , due to which Gordon Bankhead, who worked as a parts man for service and repair of heavy duty vehicles, got exposed to asbestos and died from mesothelioma at age 68. According to the plaintiff, defendants Pneumo Abex, ArvinMeritor, Kelsey-Hayes (Fruehauf), Carlisle, and Rockwell sold a defective product, failed to warn about the dangers of the product, and chose not to deliver safe, non-asbestos-containing brakes because the asbestos-free brakes were more expensive to produce. Defendants claimed that the plaintiff's mesothelioma resulted from exposure to a different type of asbestos fibers that he was exposed to when he boarded the ships, not from the asbestos in their brakes.

The plaintiff was represented by attorney Joseph Satterley. The defendant in this case, Pneumo Abex was represented by attorney R. Thomas Radcliffe

The jury found in favor of the plaintiff, and awarded compensatory damages of approximately $4M, and punitive damages against ArvinMeritor and Pneumo Abex of $13.5M.

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Medical Expenses: 265,000-Past, 200,000-Future
Lost Earnings: 12,000-Past, 993,000-Future
Non-Economic Damages: 1,500,000
Emily Bankhead's Damages for Loss: 1,000,000
Punitive Damages: 4,500,000- ArvinMeritor, 9,000,000-Pneumo Abex


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Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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