Andersen Builders v. Kritikos


06/22/10 – 07/20/10


Construction contract jury trial involving a high-end luxury home. According to the plaintiff's attorney, Jack Sieler, the case was very simple: Andersen Builders did the work and did it well, but due to an argument between the owner and the architect, the owner failed to pay Andersen's last eight payment applications, totaling $548K.

According to defense attorney Louis Mrachek, the owner was given an estimate of $4.1M and 14 months to complete the house, but the house was nowhere near done at the promised time or promised price, and that Andersen had overcharged. At the time the home should have been completed, $5.4M had been spent, and the budget had increased to $8M.

The jury found that Andersen suffered $548K in damages due to Mr. Kritikos' breach of contract, and Mr. Kritikos suffered delay damages of $130,000 due to Andersen's breach of contract. The jury also found a breach of contract by Arcs, which resulted in $1,139,343 in damages owed to Mr. Kritikos. The jury also concluded that Arcs did not act as a contractor, and that there was no negligence by architect Peter Gluck in the design of the Kritikos house.

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Anderson Builders' damages for breech of contract from Kritikos: 548,817.04
Kritikos' counterclaim, delay damages: 130,000
Kritikos' damages for breech of contractf from Arcs: 1,139,343
Peter Glick was not negligent.


Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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