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CVN's Thanksgiving Binges

Nov 25, 2020

While Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and gratitude, it’s also a holiday tailor-made for binging, whether it’s on delicious food, heated football rivalries, or TV classics.  And if the upheaval of this year has you missing the courtroom more than ever, we have you covered with a whole holiday menu of binge-worthy offerings, from the best trials across the country to classics from the silver screen.

Check Out These "Must Watch" Texas-Sized Trials in CVN's Trial Video Library

Nov 23, 2020

CVN's picks for some of the most compelling Texas trials in our online video library

|VIDEO| Vartazarian Details the Cross Critical to $11M Truck Crash Win

Nov 19, 2020

A memorable "gotcha" moment during a cross-exam can critically undercut your opposition’s case and swing a jury verdict in your favor. During an in-depth webinar with Arash Homampour, Steve Vartizarian detailed how the cross-exam of an accident reconstruction expert included one of those "gotcha" moments and helped set up an $11 million verdict in a truck crash case. 

Brain Injury Trial Over College Student’s Gym Class Heat Stroke Begins, CVN To Webcast Live

Nov 17, 2020

A college student claiming she suffered a severe brain injury due to heat stroke during a campus fitness class takes her lawsuit against Cal State San Bernardino to trial next month.

Florida News

|VIDEO| The Francis McDonald Closing That Cleared Ford in Airbag-Related Crash Case

Nov 16, 2020

Crash trials often turn on competing accident reconstruction evidence. And one of the most effective techniques to undercut an opposing party’s reconstruction evidence is to show how it lacks support from the crash scene itself. In closings at trial over whether defective airbags led to a fatal car crash, Francis McDonald contrasted plaintiff’s reconstruction evidence with police findings to clear Ford Motor Company. 

|VIDEO| How Karen Terry's Closing Set Up $8.5M Med Mal, False Advertising Verdict

Oct 16, 2020

Because weeks of complex and often conflicting evidence can overwhelm jurors in a medical malpractice trial, simplifying the keys to the case is crucial. In a med mal and false advertising trial against a medical concierge firm for the vascular disease that cost a patient her leg, Karen Terry’s memorable closing argument helped seal a multi-million-dollar win. 

|VIDEO| How Mark Avera's Closing Set Up $9M Verdict in Domino's Pizza Crash Case

Oct 9, 2020

Establishing a franchisor's right of control over a franchisee is crucial to proving vicarious liability in a personal injury case. And at trial over a retired fire chief’s fatal crash with a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver, Mark Avera adeptly countered a defense argument on the purpose behind the pizza giant's franchise restrictions to prove that right of control and win a 7-figure verdict. 

Remote Jury Awards $36K to Florida Law Firm in Trial Against Former Client

Oct 2, 2020

Jurors Thursday awarded roughly $36,000 to a Florida law firm at trial over fees it sought to collect from a woman it represented, wrapping the Florida Fourth Circuit’s second fully remote jury trial in as many months. 

Georgia News

Apportionment Law Abrogates Respondeat Superior Rule, GA Supreme Court Holds

Nov 12, 2020

In a ruling that impacts Georgia negligence cases brought against defendant employers and their workers, the Georgia Supreme Court held that the state’s apportionment statute abrogated the Respondeat Superior Rule. 

GA Supreme Court Upholds Apportionment That Slashed $12.5M Product Liability Award

Oct 26, 2020

In an opinion that affects products liability cases throughout Georgia, the state’s Supreme Court last week upheld a trial judge’s decision to reduce a $12.5 million jury award against Suzuki, based on apportionment of fault. 

Free CVN Webinar: Real World Trials & Real World Tactics w/ Nick Rowley & Joseph Wilson

Sep 21, 2020

Watch top trial attorneys Nick Rowley and Joseph Wilson give practical trial advice for "real world" cases based on CVN trial video

|Video| Bringing the Heat: How Joseph Wilson Won a $584K Verdict in an Armored Truck Crash Case

Sep 3, 2020

“This is a case about a young woman who has a caregiver’s heart, but no longer has a caregiver’s future,” Joseph Wilson told jurors as trial opened over the armored truck crash that shattered a Georgia woman’s arm.  It was a theme intended to resonate with jurors as they saw Kirche Hall, whose injury ended her career as a certified nursing assistant. But it also set up a larger contrast Wilson framed for the jury: the empathetic caregiver v. the evasive corporation. And that approach secured a $584,000 verdict in the type of case — because Hall had largely recovered from her injury — that carried the possibility of a much lower award.

Tobacco News

$7.25M Verdict Against RJR Upheld by Florida Appeals Court

Jul 24, 2020

A Florida appellate court last week upheld a $7.25 million award for the heart disease jurors found was caused by a decades-long addiction to R.J. Reynolds cigarettes. 

Kenneth Reilly Brings a Slate of Engle Tobacco Trial Firsts to This Week's Card Spotlight

Jun 18, 2020

Florida’s ongoing Engle progeny litigation — which include thousands of cases spun from a decertified class action against the nation’s tobacco companies — has seen some of the best attorneys in the country. Over the years our Engle cards have been one of the ways we showcase the attorneys who have made the biggest mark in the litigation. This week we feature Kenneth Reilly, whose record stretches back to Florida's first-ever Engle progeny trial.

Engle Card Spotlight: Gary Paige & His $500M+ in Tobacco Trial Verdicts

Jun 9, 2020

CVN cameras have covered more than 200 of Florida’s Engle progeny proceedings since the litigation, spun from a massive class action against U.S. tobacco companies, began more than a decade ago. Our Engle cards are our way of honoring the attorneys who’ve left the biggest impact in the litigation. This week’s card features Gary Paige, whose blockbuster record since the litigation’s earliest days have made him one of Engle’s premier trial lawyers. 

Ursula Henninger Notched a 5-Trial Winning Streak to Earn Her Engle Card Feature

Jun 3, 2020

Florida’s “Engle progeny” cases, spun from a massive, decertified class action against the nation’s tobacco companies, have boasted some of the best trial lawyers in the country. And our Engle card series highlights the accomplishments of those attorneys. This week’s card features Ursula Henninger, whose Engle trial record over the last decade places her among the litigation’s elite. 

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