Stephen Wolkoff v. Sunshine Storage Inc.


11/07/13 – 11/14/13


In this construction negligence proceeding, Plaintiff Stephen Wolkoff alleged Sunshine Storage Inc. of non-maintenance of a storage unit that he rented from the company and constructing a loft on top of the storage unit, which resulted in the framed ceiling of the storage unit collapsing over him while he was inside the storage unit on 3rd of January 2009 and causing him injury in pelvis, legs and eyes. The plaintiffÂ’s counsel had also claimed that the storage unit was not constructed in adherence to building code and there was not proper support provided with bolts or bracings to the roof of the storage unit.
The plaintiff was represented by attorneys Ervin Gonzalez and Deborah Gander. The defendant in this case, Sunshine Storage Inc. was represented by attorney C. Richard Fulmer.




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Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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