Kalitan v. Alexander MD


05/24/11 – 06/16/11



In this medical malpractice litigation proceeding, Plaintiff Susan Kalitan alleged Rob Alexander MD an anesthesiologist of negligence by punching a hole in plaintiff’s esophagus during the plaintiff’s minor wrist surgery for treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Plaintiff’s counsels claimed that due to the hole in esophagus, whatever food the plaintiff ate after surgery reached her lungs and led to Sepsis, for which the plaintiff underwent multiple surgeries and eventually ended up in a drug-induced coma.
The plaintiff was represented by attorney Crane Johnstone. The defendant in this case, Rob Alexander was represented by attorneys Robert Cousins, Thomas Heath and Jeffrey Creasman.

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Fault: Rob Alexander-50%, Edward Punzalan-10%, Brown General -35%, Elly Miedes-5%
Medical Expenses: 142,704-Past, 472,287-Future
Earnings: 55,220-Past, 47,800-Future
Non-Economic Damages: 2,000,000-Past, 2,000,000-Future



Recording Disclaimer: This proceeding was recorded in full.

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