Caspian Alpha v. CS Mezzanine


Oral Argument
04/30/14 – 04/30/14



On October 29, 2010, Caspian filed a complaint in the Court of Chancery seeking injunctive and declaratory relief against Goldman Sachs under an indenture dated December 14, 2007. The complaint sought to prevent the proposed restructuring of the debt and bonds issued under the indenture. Goldman Sachs was the largest holder of such debt, and was the investment bank that both orchestrated the initial offering and the restructuring at issue. The restructuring closed November 10, 2010. Caspian is one of the noteholders adversely affected by the restructuring. This is an appeal from a January 11, 2012 Order of the Court of Chancery, which dismissed Caspian's claim that Goldman Sachs breached the indenture by forcing through the restructuring.


The judgment of the Court of Chancery was affirmed.


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